Ongoing Projects
Ugandan Community
  • Fundraising for Orphans in Uganda
  •  Uganda Independence Day celebrations (Oct. 9th)
Canadian Community
  • Orientation / Reception for Dalhousie students visiting Uganda
  • Participation in the Multicultural Festival
  • Participation in Ugandan Canadian National Association (UCNA) Programs/Activities
Current Results
Support towards Orphans in Uganda (2007)
  • Our yearly Independance Day celebration held at the end of September was a success we managed to raise $1500 to support our cause. Thanks go out to all who attended and help out to make the event a successful one. We could not have done it without you.
  • UCAM receives a $250 contrribution from Dalhousie University’s Anatomy and Neurobiology Graduate Student Society(ANGSS) towards our fund-raising effort that helps support orphaned children in Uganda
Past Results
Support towards Orphans in Uganda
  • 2004 – donated $1000.00 through War Child Canada
  • 2006 – sponsored five kids in Uganda
  • GOAL – to continue and expand support to orphans
  • UCNA National Conference (Vancouver, Oct. 7 – 9, 2006). Five delegates from Nova Scotia participated in the national conference some of which were appointed and are now leading members in the planning of national activities. The theme was “Ensuring our Integration in Canadian Society”